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How It Works

Handmade artisan cheese subscriptions brought to you by a collaboration between Birchrun Hills Farm and Valley Milkhouse Creamery. 

how it works

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Collective Creamery offers alt-weekly and monthly subscriptions for grassfed, handmade cheese.

Our Fall 2019-Winter 2020 season is open for subscribers now! Join us and we’ll keep you cheesy from October through March.

Our cheese subscriptions always feature cheeses from Birchrun Hills Farm and Valley Milkhouse, including exclusive, subscriber-only batches and unique collaborative wheels, plus exciting guest cheeses from our friends in the region. The selections vary from share to share, with a mix of raw and pasteurized cheeses. While we primarily include pasture-based cow's milk cheeses, we make a point to mix things up with goat and sheep's milk selections as well. 

The Artisan Cheese Share includes 3 varieties of cheese (~1 1/2 lbs. total).

The Petite Cheese Share includes 2 varieties of cheese (~1 lb. total). 

The Monthly Cheese Share includes 4 varieties of cheese (~2 lbs. total) distributed once per month — that's an Artisan Share plus one of the mouthwatering varieties of raw milk cheddar from our friends at Conebella Farm here in Pennsylvania. 

You can pick up your cheese share at one of our awesome pickup sites in Philly, Southeast Pennsylvania, and South Jersey.

Click here to view a list of the pickup and delivery dates for our Fall 2019-Winter 2020 season. 

Payment is made on our Subscribe page via credit card.

Having trouble signing up? ...

It may be your bank's security systems keeping you safe. Give us a call at 267-816-8698 and we’ll help you out.