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Frequently Asked Questions

Handmade artisan cheese subscriptions brought to you by a collaboration between Birchrun Hills Farm and Valley Milkhouse Creamery. 

frequently asked questions

How does the subscription work?

When you purchase a subscription to any of our shares, you become a member of our Collective Creamery Cheese CSA and are entitled to a season of alt-weekly cheese distributions. Our Summer 2017 season will consist of 9 pickups over 18 weeks running June 1-Sept. 23. 

The shares come in two sizes: the Artisan Cheese Share and the Petite Cheese Share. There is also a Monthly Share, an Artisan share distributed once per month rather than every other week. Select the share size you would like, then select your pickup spot. Once the season starts, you'll pick up your cheese share every other week (most pickup days are on Thursdays with a few on Saturdays) during the designated pickup window at your preselected pickup location. Monthly shares will pickup on specified dates per month. View all pickup dates for this season here. 

You can give subscriptions as gifts, split them among different households, and join at any time. While we encourage joining before the start of the season, we typically offer prorated shares for at least a few weeks after the season starts.

We accept credit card payments through our Subscribe page. You can select the option to pay for their selected cheese share and any optional add-ons up front, before the season starts (preferred by our cheesemakers). You can also opt to pay in installments, one for each pickup, for greater flexibility.

To choose recurring payments, click the "Subscribe (Recurring)" button under the share size you would like on our Subscribe page. Then, select the share/add-on combination you would like, fill out the form, and submit. You will be taken to a secure Moonclerk checkout form where you can check out with a credit card. Recurring payment plans require an initial payment for the first pickup when you check out. On the day of the first pickup (June 1 for our Summer 2017 season), the cost of the next pickup's cheese share and any add-ons will recur, and so on until the end of the share. 

If you would like to pay in full for your share via check or cash, email us at Unfortunately we are not able to take recurring payments via cash or check at this time.


What are the payment plans and options?

Why should I join?

Collective Creamery shares offer your household a healthy supply of traditional, handmade, artisan cheeses. The cheeses are made with milk from pastured animals that live a good, happy life. By purchasing directly from cheesemakers, you get a great value and support the industry by providing producers with an opportunity to sustain a good livelihood.

As a member, you also get exclusive, collaborative and experimental cheeses that can’t be found anywhere else. You have the chance to provide ideas and feedback directly to cheesemakers. And you become part of a community of cheese enthusiasts, makers and mongers in Philadelphia and the greater region.

What are the timeframes?

Our Summer 2017 share runs for 9 alt-weekly pickups over 18 weeks from June through September. Most pickups occur every other week on Thursday afternoons, typically 4-7pm. Some pickup windows vary in start and end time, so please check our Locations page to see pickup sites, days, and time windows around the region (or click locations on the map to see these details). Our Saturday pickup windows at the Bryn Mawr, Phoenixville, and Easton Farmers' Markets run from 9am-1pm during the Summer season.

How many pounds of cheese are in each share?

The Petite Cheese Share contains 2 types of cheese totaling ~1 lb. The Artisan Cheese Share contains 3 types of cheese totaling 1 ⅓-1½ lb. of cheese, depending on the varieties included that week. The Monthly Cheese Share is the same as the Artisan Cheese Share, just distributed once per month.

Members can join at any time. We prorate the cost of the subscription to make up for any past distributions.


What if I want to join after the subscription start date?

We offer pickup points for our cheese shares throughout Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Berks counties as well as the Lehigh Valley.

Upon checkout, you will have the opportunity to select your pickup location. We attempt to offer a variety of locations so that you can choose one most convenient to you. If you live in an area that is not represented, please email us at We are open to adding new locations and reaching more communities with our cheese.

How do I select my pickup point?

Each member is entitled to ONE by-request "vacation hold" per season. Members MUST email by the Thursday BEFORE the day you will not be able to pick up your cheese share (7 or 9 days before the pickup you will miss, depending on your pickup day). To make up for the cheese share you will miss, we will send you a double share on the pickup AFTER your vacation hold. Email with any questions or to set up a vacation hold.

If you will miss a pickup and have already used your vacation hold or did not set up your vacation hold by the Thursday before the pickup you will miss, we cannot compensate you for missed distributions. However, we encourage you to share the cheese love with your friends if you are away. You are welcome to appoint someone else to pick up your share so long as you email us in advance with the person’s full name.

We encourage members to mark their calendars with the pickup dates that correspond to their location and schedule travel accordingly when possible. View Fall 2017-Winter 2018 pickup dates for all plans here. 

What if I have to miss a pickup?

Collective Creamery cannot offer refunds for missed distributions. Any refunds offered will be in the form of credit for additional pickups.

What is the refund policy?

Additional questions? Don't hesitate to reach out! Use this form or shoot us an email at

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