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About Us

Handmade artisan cheese subscriptions brought to you by a collaboration between Birchrun Hills Farm and Valley Milkhouse Creamery. 

about us

Sue and Stef working on a collaborative clothbound cheddar.

Sue and Stef working on a collaborative clothbound cheddar.

Artisan cheese shares curated by cheesemakers for cheese lovers.

Collective Creamery is a women-powered artisan cheese share subscription devoted to providing households around the Mid-Atlantic with delicious cheeses that are handmade, traditional, and produced from the highest quality, healthiest milk.

Collective Creamery is a collaboration between two cheesemakers in southeast Pennsylvania: Birchrun Hills Farm and Valley Milkhouse Creamery. Empowered women, friends, devotees to the cause of evolving the American cheese culture. Our goal is to work together to reach more families with their wholesome, artfully crafted cheeses and continue to develop the quality of American artisan cheese.


This is the story of two Pennsylvania cheesemakers working together to create a place at the table for good, wholesome cheese. 

Meet Sue Miller, farmer and cheesemaker of Birchrun Hills, a family-owned and operated dairy farm in Chester County. Sue and her family raise a vivacious herd of dairy cows on fertile pastures, and you can taste the vibrance in the award winning cheeses that Sue handcrafts with passion and care. Her Birchrun Blue is notorious across the eastern U.S. for its fudgy texture, grassy notes and sweet flavors. The farmstead creamery is devoted to good animal husbandry, optimal soil and pasture health, and the production of high quality milk that yields some of the best cheeses from the region. 


Meet Stefanie Angstadt, cheesemaker of Valley Milkhouse, a small batch creamery in Berks County, about 20 minutes north of Sue's farm. When Stefanie opened her cheesery in 2014 in a retired milkhouse in the Oley Valley, she was determined to produce cheese with character. Her cheeses are primarily inspired by French originals including fresh, mold-ripened and aged cheeses. The creamery has two dairy partners that supply all of its milk; both are grass-fed, certified organic farms raising heritage breed cows.

Sue and Stefanie worked with a small group of cheesemakers in the state to establish the Pennsylvania Cheese Guild in 2015. The formation of the guild has furthered their spirit of collaboration.


Meet Alex Jones, Collective Creamery's operations manager. Alex is a Philadelphia-based food writer, home cheesemaking teacher, and advocate for sustainably minded farm and food businesses in Pennsylvania. She spent the past several years building bridges between cheesemakers, retailers and restaurants throughout the region, and her former role as value-chain coordinator at Fair Food gave her the opportunity to play a major role in improving the reach and viability of small-scale cheesemakers. She blogs for, Philadelphia magazine’s dining site, and writes about food, farming and urban sustainability for publications like, AudubonEdible Philly, and Grid.